FUT Model Legend Player Card: Ruud Gullit( part one)

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Ruud Gullit was born on September 1, 1962 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is a former Dutch football player, midfielder and can also play shadow forward. He is one of the "Three Dutch Musketeers" and now serves as the Dutch national team. Assistant coach. In 1979, Gullit began his professional career at Holland's Haarlem Football Club. He later played for Feyenoord, Eindhoven, AC Milan, Sampdoria, and Chelsea. Gullits career has won two European Champions Cup titles, three Serie A championships, two Dutch League championships and many other honors. The individual won the 1987 European Golden Globe Award. In 1997, Gullit officially retired.

From 1981 to 1994, Gullit represented the Dutch National Team in 66 appearances, scored 17 goals, participated in one World Cup and two European Cups, and helped the Dutch national team win the 1988 European Cup.

In 1996, Gullit began his coaching career as a player and head coach in Chelsea. He then taught at Newcastle, Feyenoord, Los Angeles Galaxy, and Grozny Trick. In May 2017, Gullit became assistant coach of the Dutch national team.


Sports career

Club career

1970: Trained at Meerboys.

1978: In Ajax, he has already entered the first team with great efforts. However, he chose to start his career with a more ordinary club. He signed a three-year contract with Haarlem.

September 1, 1981: 19th birthday, first appearance in the Dutch national team (Netherlands VS Switzerland)

1982: Transfer to Feyenoord (85 appearances, 30 goals)

1983: 21-year-old Gullit joined Feyenoord. Playing football with Cruyff.

1985: 23-year-old Gullit moved PSV with 61 million U.S. dollars (68 appearances, 46 goals)

1987: AC Milan with a record-breaking $8.4 million transfer. He also won the European Footballer of the Year and the World Footballer.

1988: Helped AC Milan win the league title; scored the first goal against the Soviet Union in the European Nations Cup final, helped the Netherlands win the European Cup, and became the first to hold a world-class championship for the country Dutch. At the beginning of the 88-89 season, the knee was seriously injured.

1989: Gullit's injury has improved, but he returned to the game after the injury was not completely restored. His knee injury later prevented him from playing for half a season. He was fortunate to return to the Milan formation before the European Super Cup. In the European Super Bowl final, AC Milan 4-0 Steaua Bucharest, Ruud scored twice before being replaced. He also won the annual World Footballer.

1990: Help AC Milan to win the European Cup. The 90-year World Cup in Italy was his only tournament in the World Cup. The Netherlands was eliminated in the second round and lost to the current champion Germany. Gullit played 4 games and scored 1 goal.

1991: Gullit suffered a complete recovery and finally returned to Milan. However, Milan only won third place in the 1990-1991 season and AC Milan in the European Championship was suspended.

1992: Second Italian League championship. Gullit announced his withdrawal from the national team for personal reasons but later returned.

1993: The third Italian league championship. He played 117 times for AC Milan and scored 35 goals. At the end of the season by AC Milan sold to Sampdoria, in the World Cup qualifier in the Netherlands vs. England, Gullit was replaced in the middle, then quarrel with then Dutch coach Ed Vokat, and threatened to withdraw from the national team.

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