FUT 20: How to Get Player of the Month Thiago Silva

Posted on 2019/12/11 by admin

Thiago Silva has been reported as Ligue 1's October Player of the Month, edging most loved Wissam Ben Yedder to gain himself the celebrated Ultimate Team update.

Its an obvious fact that Thiago Silva is a top focus back, and has been among the world's best for quite a while, yet how does his updated POTM FUT card rank against other focus backs?

Continue perusing for POTM Thiago Silva's SBC and a full survey.

Player of the Month Thiago Silva's Squad Building Challenge

In the event that you need to get your hands on the Brazilian's supported card, there is one SBC you need to finish.

Evaluated all out cost: 71,450 coins PS4/76,000 coins Xbox One

SBC: Exchange a squad with the accompanying necessities

Least players from Brazil: One

Least players from Ligue 1: One

Least In Form players: One

Least squad rating: 85

Least group science: 65


Player of the Month Thiago Silva Review

A significant analysis of past player SBCs has been the amount it has cost to recover their card gamers were shocked with Scream Draxler's value, stamping him as horrible incentive for cash!

As should be obvious, Thiago Silva's POTM redesign is undeniably more sensibly evaluated.

Thiago Silva's POTM card is an overhaul of three generally guides thought about toward his 87 appraised base card. His effectively splendid safeguarding details are presently wonderful, as he has 91 guarded mindfulness and 91 standing handles.

Also, his POTM card has improved spilling and passing details (85 short and long passing, 83 ball control), which means he is increasingly skilled as a ball playing focus back.

POTM Thiago silva's just obligation is his pace. His run speed has been expanded from 64 to 68, yet despite everything he'll be gotten out by quicker assailants.

To counter this, play him close by an athletic focus half on the off chance that you finished the Road to the Final Gomez SBCs, he could make the ideal accomplice.

The FUT people group concur that Silva's absence of pace is his one let down, with one gamer answering to a Reddit post on the FUT sub-Reddit, expressing that "he's around 5 pace away from being totally crazy".

By the by, the general agreement among FUT fans is that POTM Thiago Silva is accessible at an "extraordinary cost", with another Reddit client reacting "Great worth, Brazilian CB + PSG joins + a decent first proprietor card to have".

So there you have it, Thiago Silva's POTM card offers extraordinary incentive for cash complete his SBC, accomplice him with a quick focus back and watch wave after rush of restriction assault run and fall into your back line.

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