FIFA19 Shooting Skills Introduction

Posted on 2018/10/11 by admin

FIFA19 Shooting Skills Introduction

FIFA19 is the latest work of FIFA series. The game attracts players by bringing real people data into the game. Players can control their favorite players to play. Here is the introduction of FIFA19 operation tips.

1. Strong low shot: FIFA18 players who have played more should have this muscle memory, especially in response to the habit of hitting the ball, press the camera to press the bottom and then click the second, then happy football, and the previous direction Under the ball.

2. Communication: This is the most change that makes me autistic. I have suspected that my handle is broken several times, the direction of the pass is not controlled, and the power is too light. The ball may not run fast, uncomfortable, the pace of passing the ball is not easy to find, I don’t know when the player will When you get out of the way, when you want to stop, take a step and feel uncomfortable. It is common for the defender to pass the striker directly to the opponent. It is really unsightly to think that the short-range organization attack after the ball is broken in the backcourt.

3. Passing the ball vigorously: Several times to the low-key pass to the restricted area, then it is to watch the striker stop the ball to the opponent or adjust the space for a half-day missed shot.

4. Defensive cut: The profit of cutting the defender is not as good as pulling a back waist. This hopes to officially patch it.

5. Rhythm control: There are many mistakes, and there are many opponents. It is easy to change the rhythm of the ball. Many times, they are all on the same head. They are completely slow, and there are no routines.

6. Choice of sidewalks: FIFA18 will be cut in most cases, and 19 choices will be more. When encountering some old players, it is obvious that they tend to prevent cuts and kickbacks.

7. Actions such as the ball: Not so easy to use, fifa19's referees are in the Premier League scale, even people kicking with their feet, it is common to flip behind and not whistle.

8. The choice of shooting: Before I used to play the far corner, I also formed muscle memory. This generation is better for playing near angles.

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