FIFA News: Leicester City Announced That The Weekend League Will Not Be Postponed

Posted on 2018/10/31 by admin

FIFA News: Leicester City Announced That The Weekend League Will Not Be Postponed

Leicester City announced that the weekend league will not be postponed.

On October 30th, the Leicester City official said that they would participate in the Premier League this weekend. They kindly refused the concern that the game would be postponed. After the Premier League game last weekend, the Leicester City boss Vichai that the helicopter had an accident and all five people on board were killed. According to the "Daily Mirror" news, Leicester City players all took the bus to Cardiff this week, they retired the previously booked tickets.


After the death of Vichai, the whole world expressed concern and mourning for this. Everyone hopes that they can successfully pass this sad moment. According to the original schedule, Leicester City will play the League Cup with Southampton this week. Previously, this game has been postponed. This weekend, Leicester City will go to Cardiff to play the Premier League according to the schedule. Just when people think that this game will be postponed, the strong Leicester City announced that they will participate in the Premier League as scheduled.


"The Premier League match between Leicester City and Cardiff City will be held as scheduled on Saturday. Next, the club will continue to mourn the death of the chairman who died not long ago. There will be a minute of silence before the start of the weekend's league. And the players will wear black armbands." Leicester City official said. Subsequently, Cardiff City also said: "All of us and our fans will give the best help and support to Leicester City. We are with them. Football is our common belief."


Taking into account the respect for the late boss Vichai, Leicester City decided to cancel the plan to take a flight to Cardiff this weekend. Currently, they have already refunded their ticket. On the weekend, head coach Puer will lead the players to take the bus to the road.


In the face of disaster, the deceased has been paralyzed and the living being is strong. Leicester City, the team that created the myth of the sky, will continue to pursue the dream under the leadership of the son of Vicky. We also hope that the players in Leicester City can turn grief into strength and use their outstanding achievements to mourn the vicious guess in heaven.

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