FIFA 21 National Teams: Wishlist, Fan Vote, Generic Players, Kits, Badges, Brazil & more

Posted on 2020/07/20 by admin

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Licenses are a hot topic in the football gaming world, but will we see any new additions to the game?

FIFA 21 is highly anticipated, and we are sure to see some exciting new additions to the game, but will there be a new National Team or two to play with?

Check out below our Wishlist for FIFA 21 as well as the FIFPlay Fan Vote.


There are some notable absentees in the men’s national team department on FIFA 20.

The most obvious is the 2018 World Cup runners-up Croatia. With the likes of Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, and Ivan Rakitic at their disposal, Croatia would surely be an excellent addition to the game.

We would love to see more African teams represented on FIFA 21. Senegal boasts a host of stars plying their trade across Europe, with Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria all in the top 50 of the FIFA rankings.

With more countries available, the international competitions would become more exciting, especially on Career Mode if International Management is to your liking.

FIFPlay Fan Vote

FIFPlay host a number of fan votes, including the Cover Star for FIFA 21.

Surprisingly, the vote for which national teams that fans want to see on FIFA 21 sees three runaway favorites in Honduras, Bangladesh and Algeria.

Algeria would be an exciting addition with the likes of Riyad Mahrez and Brentford star Said Benrahma in their ranks.

Current Standings

Honduras – 25%

Bangladesh – 25%

Algeria – 23%

Costa Rica – 5%

El Salvador – 5%

Generic Players

Why EA?

No one likes the generic players, so if you are going to have the team let us have the real players too!

It seems pointless to have one without the other, but for Brazil, Ecuador, India, and Uruguay we have a number of generic players thrown in among the authentic players.

We would like to see each country that features on the game properly represented, is that too much to ask?

Kits & Badges

Of the four African countries represented on FIFA 20, none of them have the authentic kits and badges.

It is the same story in South America with the majority of teams in the Copa America playing in generic kits too.

It is less obvious in Europe as most teams are playing in their true kits, although the generic kits are still fairly dull.

The players are most authentic in these teams which is great, but we want the kits too!


The big one.

Currently, the Brazil national team features authentic badges and kit, however, the squad is full of generic players.

This is besides Neymar Jr, but we still want to see the proper Brazilian squad with its wealth of stars.

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