FIFA 20 Tutorial of Defensive Fundamentals and Defensive Skills

Posted on 2019/09/30 by admin

First of all, I will classify the various problems that appear in FIFA20 defense.

Problem 1: We can't stably defend our opponents’ condition. Only a change of dribble can we lose the defensive position. It will be OK If we are in Inpre-market, but when we are in backfield, it will be very dangerous because this generation is biased towards running.

Problem 2: In judging the course of football, although you have done the right thing, the ball which almost 100% of FIFA19's broken will be lost in FIFA20, and the opponent has been given a chance.

Problem 3: The opponent's straight ball is easy to slip past from the defender's foot, and the opponent football player scores a goal shoot. There are two situations.

First, you pressed the button and still missed it; second, your guard is unmoved and let the football slip through.

Problem 4: Because the basic defense is not solid, there will be no solution if the opponent knows some skill move. 

To sum up, these problems are integrated into one problem. The new defensive concept of FIFA20 brings new defensive skills. These basic knowledge we have to realize, but bow to solve them?

Firstly, giving up the LT/L2 button. Crab Dribble and going ahead steadily and surely are very useful in FIFA  19. But in FIFA20, this button creates a problem. That is a slow start. I don't know if this is a game engine problem or intentionally designed. LT/L2 is zero in the actual use of FIFA8 which is a slow start and can't catch up after the start, so LT/L2 will make your startup slower. This is how I feel in the actual experience of the game. If you have questions or refutations, please leave a message.

Secondly, you should be careful to use the "standing tackle" button, especially in the middle of the field. If you blindly use the button in the middle of the field, the consequences are almost impossible to compensate.

Thirdly, the core of the problem. How to solve? Very simple. The key is Contain button you used, which is the A of XBOX handle and the X of PS4 handle, and you only need to make use of this button. If you continue to press the Contain button and then operate your left joystick, and replace your LT/L2 with the Contain but other operations are unchanged, you can find that you can also stick to your opponent. Under the operating foundation, combining with your standing tackle (interception button), you will be a surprise. You will find that the previous football player overshooting and the situation that the inertia weight too strong to pull them back will disappear. It gives you a real happy football game.

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