FIFA 20 Shooting: Free Kick Tutorial

Posted on 2019/10/10 by admin

The free kicks of FIFA 20 are much more difficult than those of previous generations. The point is that many players have learned to press “RB” when building the wall of players to make the wall forward.

When you shoot lightly, you will find out that the distance is obviously not enough, and it is easy to be blocked by the human wall. But when you shoot heavily, the ball is easy to lost control. So the mastery of dynamics is very sophisticated.

To get a good free kick, you must have a good penalty-taker. My advice is to choose a general who uses left foot. And the second is to make sure the shot power above 85 so that the speed is fast enough.

There are two kinds of free kicks with different distances.

For the close-range shot, my advice is shot lightly. The power is a little bit more than 1 square. Adjust the angle slightly, deviate to the distant column to make sure the penalty-taker's view is within the gate when looking straight. At this point, the quality of the free kick can be basically high. It is easy to make a mistake if the penalty-taker's view beyond the gate.

If it is a free kick between the top of penalty area and kick-off circle, my advice is that use the banana shot of C Ronaldo. This kind of penalty kick does not care about the angle but only the strength and the way of shooting.

This kind of penalty kick needs the power of 80% or 90%, for you do not need to worry about losing control of the ball. Because when you pressing the B bottom, you need to press the RB bottom at the same time to control the ball.

Actually, I learned the banana kick from FIFA official. Although I always give a beautiful banana shot, I never got my first goal in the game (I learned it in FIFA 14). Therefore, the learning significance of this strategy is greater than the practical application.

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