FIFA 20 Defending Tutorial

Posted on 2019/09/27 by admin

As we know the defend is much more important things in FIFA 20 match, can avoid the opponent's fewer goals. here we would share FIFA 20 Defending tutorials which help you improve your defending skills in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

1. Don't rely on your AI

In FIFA 19, defending was a breeze. You could hold down X/A (contain) or R1/RB (second man press) to have one of your players press the opponent on the ball while the rest of your defenders would maintain a good shape. Now, mindlessly charging with your defenders is not effective; you have to be in control, patient and smart with your defending. In fact, you hardly want to contain or use the second man press at all so you will need to learn how to jockey (L2/LT) effectively instead. 

2. How to jockey effectively

There are two types of jockeying:

Xbox One - Jockey (LT)

PlayStation 4 - Jockey (L2)

Xbox One - Fast Jockey (LT + RT)

PlayStation 4 - Fast Jockey (L2 + R2)

Being able to jockey is what will separate good and great players in FIFA 20. Holding down L2/LT will cause your defender to hold his ground, allowing him to either sniff out a pass or simply stop a striker from advancing forward.

If you hold down R2/RT at the same time, your player will fast jockey. This makes your defender move around very quickly and change direction on a dime while still holding back the forward. Holding down both triggers allows you to cover a lot of ground which is very good when looking for interceptions in midfield. But if you want to tackle, you should sprint or fast jockey toward the attacker and then let go of sprint when within tackling range for a more accurate challenge.

3. Player Switching

There are two buttons to switch players:

Xbox One - LB

PlayStation 4 - L1

Xbox One - Flick the right stick

PlayStation 4 - Flick the right stick

Using the right stick can be more accurate than LB/L1, although LB/L1 is much faster to execute. If you've got a cluster of players, you should use the right stick instead of LB/L1.

4. The Striker

You need to make sure you control the correct defender and anticipate an opponent's run to avoid cheap through balls - he recommends giving yourself a 1-2 meter space to ensure you don't get caught out as most strikers will be faster than the defender.

5. Defensive Midfielders

The defensive midfielders are the shield in front of your defenders, so don't be afraid to be aggressive and limit the time an opponent has on the ball; this will greatly increase the chance of a mistake being made.

6.  Hard tackles

In FIFA 20, you can determine the power of your tackle by holding down the standing tackle button (O/B) or slide tackle button (Square/X).

A full-power hard tackle will send your player lunging forward which can be fantastic for closing big gaps, but if you miss then your defender will be completely out of position, making it a risky technique. Instead, two bars of power appears to be the sweet spot where your tackle will still be strong enough to prevent any rebounds but retain some accuracy and positioning. - provides you cheap & Safe & Legit FIFA Coins & FIFA Points, Fast Delivery & 24/7 live support.