FIFA 19 Winter Transfer Prediction

Posted on 2018/12/07 by admin

Hundreds of football players all over the world will change their club after the winter transfer window is opening in 2019 January, then the FIFA 19 winter transfer is going to happen following that in Ultimate Team for the 2018/2019 season, with the release of some new winter transfer cards.

When will the FIFA 19 Winter Transfer release?

FIFA winter transfer usually releases in January and early February with the close of the winter transfer window, they basically announced in several batches, the interval between two batches is about a week.

The official release date has not been announced and more detailed date we'll update.

FIFA 19 Winter/January Transfer Rules

1. When a player changes his club in the real life, he'll get a winter transfer card in FUT 19 with the new club.

2. Generally, the new transfer cards for players only change the club in the card and remaining overall rating and other stats as original.

What's the Advantage and Effect with FIFA 19 winter transfer update?

Team chemistry

With the change of players' club and the league, there are more possible combinations, you can easier to get high chemistry in FIFA 19 Squad builder.

Players cards price and market trading

If a player moves to a more popular club, his price will rise much at the start but become close to the old one after a period of time. If a player move to a less popular club, his price won't have big change, and the original card may become more valuable because it's rare.

An investing tip for the event is that if you have an old player card that can't be obtained from packs again and more valuable after the winter transfer, you can sell it in an appropriate time that the price is rising much.

FIFA 19 Winter Transfer Prediction/Potential January Transfer 2018/2019

1. Koulibaly - 87 - CB 

Transfer: Napoli to Manchester United

Market Value: €100M

Possibility: 50%

2. Ibrahimovic - 85 - ST

Transfer: LA Galaxy to Milan

Market Value: €5M

Possibility: 90%

3. Rabiot - 83 - CM

Transfer: Paris Saint-Germain to FC Barcelona

Market Value: €45M

Possibility: 60% 

4. Rodriguez - 88 - CAM

Transfer: FC Bayern Munich to Real Madrid

Market Value: €75M

Possibility: 80%

5. Pulisic - 79 - RM

Transfer: Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea

Market Value: €60M

Possibility: 60%

6. De Ligt - 80 - CB

Transfer: Ajax to Juventus

Market Value: €70M

Possibility: 70%

7. Icardi - 87 - ST

Transfer: Inter to Real Madrid

Market Value: €115M

Possibility: 40%

8. Arnautovic - 82 - ST

Transfer: West Ham United to Manchester United

Market Value: €50M

Possibility: 80%

9. Pepe - 75 - RM

Transfer: LOSC Lille to Arsenal

Market Value: €30M

Possibility: 60%

10. Pogba - 88 - CM

Transfer: Manchester United to Juventus

Market Value: €200M

Possibility: 40%

11. Palacios - 71 - CM

Transfer: River Plate to Real Madrid

Market Value: €25M

Possibility: 90%

12. De Gea - 91 - GK

Transfer: Manchester United to Paris Saint-Germain

Market Value: €85M

Possibility: 50%

13. Hermoso - 73 - CB

Transfer: RCD Espanyol to Real Madrid

Market Value: €20M

Possibility: 80%

14. De Jong - 77 - CM

Transfer: Ajax to Manchester City

Market Value: €80M

Possibility: 60%

15. Hazard - 91 - LW

Transfer: Chelsea to Real Madrid

Market Value: €180M

Possibility: 30%

We just list part of possible FIFA 19 January transfers and there will be other transfers happen in this winter. Except for FIFA 19 winter transfer update, the summer transfer in real life and FIFA 19 also can arouse great concern from football fans and FIFA 19 gamers, overall, transfer in FUT 19 will bring some changes in squad building and FIFA transfer market, more accurate updates please focus on - provides you cheap & Safe & Legit FIFA Coins & FIFA Points, Fast Delivery & 24/7 live support.