FIFA 19 Tutorials: How to Score in FIFA 19 Corners?

Posted on 2019/01/02 by admin

One of the easiest ways to score in FIFA 19 is the corners. In FIFA 19 cornering is fairly straightforward, but there are some ways to increase standards so you can score most of your time. Here are the best ways to drive in FIFA 19 corners

Always move to a second player. You can call one forward as you take the corner, and then move on to one. Dropping the ball this way gives you more opportunities to score in FIFA 19 corners, especially if you use the technique described below.

When you hand over the second corner player, press R1 / RB. They will blind the ball, which seems to be fooling the game in the direction of the lines of defense. You can use this extra second of space to shoot, or cross a curled cross.

Curl your corners with the right stick while holding down the shooting button. This is a surefire way to empower the opportunities that come from the cross.

Go into your Tactics menu and optimize the corner panel in the defense area. In this way, you can change the number of players you want to have in the field during a corner. This can be a real help when trying to score goals.

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