FIFA 19: How to Get FUT Swap Deals SBC Cards & Players Review and Tips for December

Posted on 2018/12/05 by admin

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals will run through the season, in the past November, have you got the four FUT swap players? EA Sports has just released the new four FUT Swap players as SBC rewards in December, in this FIFA 19 tutorial, will introduce the FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals December SBC rewards and how to get the FUT swap players and packs, and players review with the tip or recommendation.

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals December

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals SBC Rewards - Player Cards

84 Kevin Lasagna - ST - Udinese, 4 FUT Swap items

84 Jefferson Lerma - CDM - Bournemouth, 6 FUT Swap items

84 Layvin Kurzawa - LB - Paris Saint-Germain, 9 FUT Swap items

86 Kévin Gameiro - ST - Valencia CF, 14 FUT Swap items

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals SBC Rewards - Packs

Silver Players Pack (untradeable), 1 FUT Swap items

Electrum Players Pack, 2 FUT Swap items

Mega Pack, 5 FUT Swap items

Rare Mega Pack, 7 FUT Swap items

Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 12 FUT Swap items

How to get FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals items, players cards, and packs

The solution to getting the FIFA 19 FUT Swap players and packs are basically the same as before, there are going to be 14 FUT Swaps items you can unlock and you need to use them to complete the Squad Building Challenges for FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals SBC rewards. The first token is 60 Villanueva as a free one. During the following days of December, you'll have the chance to get up to 13 FUT swap items through Squad Building Challenges, Weekly Objectives, and Squad Battles. And the other items will be updated throughout the month, please focus on that.

One thing you need to keep in mind that the players got during each month won't stock and transfer over to next month, so you'd better use them before the FUT Swap Deals SBC expire.

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Players Review and Tips for December

Lasagna, 84 overall, striker, he's actually got four-star skill moves, 91 pace, 82 dribbling, 80 shooting, the pace is looking good, his shot power and long shots are low but he's got great finishing and attack positioning. When it comes to the dribbling, good agility, good ball control, but balance and composure are low, curve is very low within the passing, and then stamina and strength are average, maybe there is no real need to get him, but if you did get El Shaarawy, this would be a strong link to him or if you want a six foot one striker with ninety-one pace, this is one of your first options, if not, you could save that four tokens within the next few days. - provides you cheap & Safe & Legit FIFA Coins & FIFA Points, Fast Delivery & 24/7 live support.