FIFA 19 Guide: Squad Battles Opponents

Posted on 2019/01/11 by admin

In Squad Battles you can play against two types of opponents:


Four new teams are added every day. Because this mode changes from minute to minute, you and your friends can get different squadrons.

Your AI-controlled opponents in Squad Battles come from the real Squads used by other players in FUT. Specifically, Squads used by players in playing Squad Battles, Draft (Online and Offline), FUT Champions and Division Rivals.


In the Featured Squad Battle you can challenge the squadrons of football players, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and build your team. Everyone gets the same team for this team that stays available for a week. The Featured Squad Battle can sometimes skip a week.

The Opponent Update is how you can update your list of available Opponent Squads. When you have played all available Opponent Squads, you have to wait until an Opponent update is available before you can get a new list of Opponents Squads. To maximize your battle points, you must use all your Opponent updates during the event. If you miss an opponent update, you will not get the maximum battle points for the event.

Games are transferred 1 turn. If you miss a day, you can still play the four games of that day. Make sure you do not press the 'Opposition Update' button before you play them. As soon as you press R1 / RB, the opponent's list is refreshed. However, if you update your opponents too late, you may miss the games of a few days.

When a series of opponents are offered, either at the start of a new Squad Battles match or when you are performing an Opponent update, the game always offers one team from each of the three Squad difficulty trays: simple, medium and difficult. A fourth squadron is then selected from the Easy or Medium buckets, with a 50% chance of the squad coming from each bucket. Each team in FUT has both a Team Rating value and a Chemistry value. When these values are added together, you get an overall assessment of the squadron. Each of our difficulty boxes in Squad Battles contains a range of Overall Squad Ratings:

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