FIFA 19 Guide: How Can You Improve on FIFA?

Posted on 2019/01/25 by admin

Ryan Pessoa, also known as Hashtag Ryan, is one of the world's best FIFA players. He has a contract with the esports team Hashtag United and he is also an official Red Bull athlete.

I have played a FIFA match with him before. 'Pretty solid' and 'actually decent' were the sentences he used to describe my game, while he hit my keeper three times in quick succession. I am pretty sure he also had it easy.

Pessoa was at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London last week to hold a FIFA 19 workshop, where he would answer questions and give his best tips and tricks for the new game. Fortunately, I did not have to put myself in a joke by playing it again.

Instead, I took him in before he went live on the stream. There are plenty of new changes in FIFA this year, although they may not be immediately clear. I asked him to give me an overview of the most important new features of FIFA 19.

Temporary workmanship

'The first is to practice timed finishing', he says. "It adds an element to shooting that had never been in the game before."

If you press the shutter button in FIFA 19 to start and then press the split again before your player hits the ball, you get a bonus for accuracy and strength. In the beginning you have to literally look at the ball, or at the leg of your player as it moves in the direction of the ball. But Pessoa says that you will eventually lose the debt.

'The first thing I did was continue with amateur problems and just practice and practice.' The game has only been out for a few weeks, but he already has hundreds of games to his name.

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