FIFA 19 Flashback Nani SBC: 87 Nani Flashback SBC Cheapest Solution & Player Review

Posted on 2019/04/01 by admin

FIFA 19 FUT Birthday has gone on the 10th day, Flashback Nani Squad Building Challenge featuring 87 LW Nani live in the Ultimate Team to celebrate his outstanding 2010/2011 Season. To complete the Nani Flashback SBC, you can earn a 87 rated Flashback Nani and 2 packs before April 4, 2019. Here fut coin seller offers you the FIFA 19 Flashback Nani SBC cheapest solution with challenge details, squads price, and player review.

FIFA 19 Flashback Nani 87 Squad Building Challenge

Flashback Nani SBC - The Red Devils


Manchester United Players: Min. 1

Team Rating: Min. 85

Team Chemistry: Min. 70

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



Flashback Nani SBC - A Seleção das Quinas


Portugal Players: Min. 1

Team Rating: Min. 84

Team Chemistry: Min. 65

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



Cheapest Solution/Way to complete FIFA 19 Flashback Nani SBC

Cheap FUT 19 Squad Builder for Flashback SBC Nani - The Red Devils

Formation/Lineup: 4-3-3

Team Rating: 85

Team Chemistry: 72

Reference price based on Apr. 01 for PS4 and Xbox One is 116K.

Cheap FUT 19 Squad Builder for Flashback SBC Nani - A Seleção das Quinas

Formation/Lineup: 4-4-2

Team Rating: 84

Team Chemistry: 68

Reference price based on Apr. 01 for PS4 and Xbox One is 40K.

FIFA 19 Player Review: FUT 19 Flashback Nani Review

Nani, whose full name is Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Orlando City Soccer Club in Major League Soccer as a winger, but rejoined Sporting CP in 2018. He established himself as a top winger at United and won a three Premier League titles. The Nani Flashback card has boosted 7 rating based on his standard item.

The in-game stats details and performance of FIFA 19 Flashback SBC Nani. As a left winger, he has 90 pace, 86 shooting, 87 passing, 92 dribbling, 5-star skill moves and 5-star weak foot. He may not the fastest winger, but still has the pace to outrun most offenders and wingers, he's got high acceleration but the stamina is only 77, he seemed a little bit lazy and slow. How about Nani' shooting ability? His 96 shot power and 93 long shots are amazing, long finesse and all finesse inside the box are very  nice. He can do better as a winger than striker, his passing and crossing combined with the dribbling are great. When it comes to the passing, he's got the pace to make a bit of space and then crossing is wise enough he can find anyone there that you're looking for. As for making short pass and long pass, he can performs as a high rated attacking midfielder, you can generally play him as a LW or CAM. What's more, his dribbling is so smooth and silky, 99 agility, 93 ball control, he can keep the ball very close to his feet and combined with the fact that he also has pretty nice passing and five-star skill moves, makes it a very enjoyable winger card to cut into the box. On the other hand, he felt a lot less strong on the pitch, strength, stamina and the heading accuracy are his main shortcomings. The Hawk chemistry style can be applied on this card.

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