FIFA 18 Tutorial: FIFA 18 Scorpion Kick Tutorial

Posted on 2018/03/13 by admin


Run towards the goal, make sure there is another player running towards the goal.

Hold LB, pull the left stick toward your teammate, then tap X.(passing)

Hold LT, pull the left stick forward, then press B repeatedly.

FIFA 18 Scorpion Kick

The history of Scorpion Kick

The scorpion kick, also known as a reverse bicycle kick or back hammer kick, is a physical move in association football. The move gets its name from the player's resemblance to a scorpion's tail while performing the kick. Colombian goalkeeper RenĂ© Higuita is attributed with the invention of this advanced football skill. One of his best known performances of the maneuver occurred at Wembley Stadium during a 1995 international friendly match between the Colombia national football team and the England national football team. 

On 30 Nov, 2003, the 150th national derby of Dutch, Ajax forward Van Der Vaat, used this skill to score a goal.

Swedish striker Ibrahimovic shocked the world with a Scorpion kick at the 2004 European Championship.

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