FIFA 18 Tips: How To Make FIFA Coins In UT Mode

Posted on 2018/03/12 by admin

A plenty of gamers make coins just by playing matches, it’s boring and slow. Today, I’m gonna show you some tips of making FIFA coins faster, to help you guys be rich.

how to make fifa coins fast

Methods Summary

The 59th Minute Method

Define a market sample that you know well Choose a single nationality, a single league or even a single player. If you know the market that you are sampling well, you can easily identify the targets to buy and master this procedure quicker. However, you should be aware that if the filter is too restrictive, then the speed will not be important because you will never see any interesting card. The trick is to create a balanced filter for a market which you are an expert and constantly update the page closer to 59 minutes and 59 seconds. To reach this page, there are those who use special software such as auto-click. More effective options but least honest are also available but, to protect this community, we will not share it.

1.Do not search the same thing as others

2.Pay attention to the number of cards that circulate in the market

3.Pay attention to the value of the cards filtered

The Last Minute Method

In the Last Minute Method, you try to take advantage of some good opportunities at the last minute of auction.If you pay attention to the auctions that are ending and if you have a good knowledge of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team market, you can filter and bid the most attractive cards.

Opening the Bronze Pack

Only open the Bronze Pack which worth 400 coins in the game. Including players, club items, at least 10 Bronze Cards, a flash Bronze Cards. Put the items you got on the market with 200 coins (Buy It Now price) about 1 hour. Reflash it after expired, and be patient.


Coins Quantity: 0-10K

1.Bid more Rare Gold Contract Crads .

2.Open the Bronze Pack which worth 400 coins.

3.Find some competitive Silver Cards ( BIN price under 300 coins), then rise the price 100-150 and sell it.

4.Find some competitive Silver Cards (BIN price under 500 coins), use the 59th method.

5.Find some competitive Coach Cards (BIN price under 200), use the 59th method.

6.Find some low price outstanding silver players.

7.Find some rare bronze cards in Premier League, the max price 150 or 200 coins.   

8.Find some rare glod fitness coaches, the max price 150 or 200 coins.

Coins Quantity: 10K-50K

1.Bid some rare silver outstanding player cards, set the minimum price 4000 coins, and the max BIN price 5000 coins.

2.Bid some rare Squad Training Cards.

3.Use the 59th method to the special player cards under 5000 coins.

Coins Quantity: 50K-500K

Use the “1-2-3” method to the special player card

Min price: 10,000  Max price: 20,000  Min BIN price: 30,000

Compare the price in the market after you search, the bid it. You should better do this when few people in the market.

Coins Quantity: 500K+

Use the 59th method to the premium special crad and legend card. Or you can choose the special card and set the min BIN price 400,000 to search it.

This is just some of the basic method, you can change it according to your actual situation.

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