FIFA 18 Tip: How to Ues Dribbling

Posted on 2018/04/16 by admin

FIFA 18 Tip: Dribbling

Change to cut the tangent

The best way to pass is to change direction, change direction and change direction. Now, of course, the collision system of FIFA18 is so violent that you must pay attention to the ball when it is turning.

The key to change is that your forward direction is relative to the defender’s forward direction , and a breakthrough is made to the left and right sides. Change to cut the tangent line, you take the lead, and you change the tangent line according to your opponent's potential.

The ideal state of "change to" is to think of you and the defensive player's trajectory as two rays, which in different directions, but parallel to each other, so that pass will be crisp and neat.

Of course, it wasn't all that smooth. If you are in the side, or obviously feel that the other party has sealed your tangent "export" on the defensive players on both sides. Then you have to adjust your "export", you have to select a location near you gap to change directon. This won't cause breakthrough, but at least the ball under control.

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