FIFA 18 News: FIFA 18 Will Land on Nintendo Switch

Posted on 2017/06/16 by admin

From some online videos we see that after the use of IGNITE engine, when compared to FIFA 15 and FIFA 14, the screen of the FIFA 18 has been increased. I think the improvement of FIFA 18 on the screen have some main directions as follows:


1. the upgrade of the player face details; 2. Light and shadow optimization to make the stadium atmosphere closer to the real; 3. Joining the dynamic weather system; 4. More cut scenes to show the details of the inside and outside scenes. As for the jersey, player modeling they are minor repair.



On the player face, there is a misunderstanding that many people think that after EA won a league license, all players must have a real face. The real situation is that the player's portrait rights are different in every league and club. The specific operation is also very complex, and some even need to be dealt with separately. As for the update cycle the face model, according to my observation, it is also based on the work of the team so as to be determined. And the story to be collected in the star pattern, the new technical action also needs to be collected, and the facemode needs to be collected too. For the FIFA 18, the time to leave for the team work is not enough.


After the official announcement of "FIFA18", EA also quietly announced the relevant details of the game's Switch version, compared to the host version of the game and PC version, this game version is not built by the frost engine, and does not contain the original game’s plot mode. Before that, on the question that whether "FIFA 18" log in the Nintendo new host Switch and in what form will FIFA 18 land on Switch, it has been the question concerned by a lot of players. Several days ago, after EA announced the "FIFA18" first notice, the Switch version of the FIFA 18 game is also officially confirmed.

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