FIFA Youtubers Review

Posted on 2016/12/20 by admin

When checking the Youtube for the FIFA videos, you will find there are so many youtubers making all kinds of the videos about FIFA game, so, what is a good FIFA Youtuber? Normally, his channel should be active, and his content should be informative and entertaining to meet his subs’ needs. And also his editing should be good, and he interacts with his viewers duly. His video must be enjoyable. 

There are so many FIFA youtubers who are cooperating with FIFA Coins sellers, and you can have a simple glimps at the datas as follows:

FIFA Coins Sellers

  ≤50K Subs







 ≥500K Subs

       Total          3          5
         35         18
         91         32         33         24         25         15        129         10         15         22         10         12         69          6         10         15
         10         12         53         12          8
          6          5          5         36          3          4          8          5          5         25          7          5          4          3          2         21          4
          2          5          3          1         15          2          4          3          3          2         14          7          9         10          9          4         39          5          7          9          8          3         32

All we can see that there are really so many FIFA Coins sellers favorable having sponsorships with FIFA Youtubers, why? Let's just check out the fifa youtubers reviews in the follows:




   317,293+ subscribers • 47,794,012+ views  Joined 19 Nov 2011  1 video/day


Enjoyable content and he seems like someone who actually enjoys the quality of his FIFA videos and gameplay. Covers pretty much everything there is to know about FIFA on his channel. So if you want to find out about the latest FIFA news, or just want to discover FIFA facts that you probably didn’t even know about, this is the place to be.





   548,789+ subscribers • 138,729,757+views Joined 15 Aug 2011  3+ videos/week


He has the best content, his player reviews are really nice to watch , plus he's actually good at the game and not crap like other youtubers, and he does have some informative videos on what's happening in Fifa and so on. You will find all kinds of FIFA videos of different series on his channel, his packs videos are so excellent, and make his subs jealousy. More YouTubers need to understand what is good and what is shit, Itani is one of the best. In a word, pretty good, insane pack, insane Itani.





    540,976+ subscribers • 29,692,880+ views   Joined 8 Feb 2014  4 videos/week


Sure he screams a lot but he's actually really good at the game and a great guy. Aside from the screaming, he builds a bunch of dream squads. He interacts with his viewers a lot. He is charismatic on camera, gets his viewers excited, His FIFA videos are enjoyable since he's very charsmatic and interacts whit his viewers. Overall he is an entertainment, he’s a good guy.






   839,107+ subscribers • 194,383,230+ views   Joined 18 Apr 2013   1 video per day


Zweback are quite funny and hilarious, especially when they rage. And he puts a lot of effort in his video editing and his editing is superb. He is one of the rare youtubers who truly play the game and spend a lot of time to edit videos. He isn't the best at the game but almost every video he has done can make the subs have had a good laugh. His content is pretty good. He is good for the comedy value.





   1,124,164+ subscribers • 184,844,731+ views  Joined 16 Mar 2014 6 videos/week

His content is pretty good and his channel is very active, and his contents pretty good, and it seems that he is very skillful on the game, in addition, his exaggerated emotion and his great passion on the gameplay video also are very entertaining, if you like to watch FIFA only and opening packs he is really fun to watch. You just have to get used to him.





   1,294,259+ subscribers • 181,302,310+ views   Joined 5 Mar 2012  3+ videos/week


Just as her channel about page description "I am the Queen of Fifa :D I make IRL and FIFA videos mostly!", yes, she is the queen among the FIFA youtubers to some degree, especially when considering she is female but still having the subs of more than 1,294,259!

Her content of her FIFA videos are more casual and laid back, and she is entertaining, in addition, she is sexy, which will make you much more enjoyable when watching her videos.




   1,409,270+ subs • 372,346,612+ views  Joined 21 Mar 2006  10+ videos/ week

Nepenthez, does come across as a bit arrogant and a bit of a prick... But but but he does seem to put a lot of effort into his videos, he does seem very knowledgeable on the product, seems to care about doing the right thing about his viewers with trading/information. He is very entertaining and works very well with skills. He actually knows how to play FIFA properly. In short, Nepenthez - very informative, great gameplay, and great advice. - provides you cheap & Safe & Legit FIFA Coins & FIFA Points, Fast Delivery & 24/7 live support.