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  • FIFA 18 Tip: How to defend

  • Posted on 2018/04/22 by admin
  • We have talked about  FIFA 18 Tip: How to Ues Dribbling, today we will talk about FIFA 18 Tip: How to defend .First turn on the "automatic switch" set to "manual", the novice don't play one-to-one defense at first, and then put the computer on.The computer to prevent will automatically track and intercept and won't get out of the foot, will not be passed by opponent at the same time.How to get computer protection: Because you've already set up manua

  • FIFA 18 Tip: How to Use Dribbling (Part Two)

  • Posted on 2018/04/17 by admin
  • We have talked about something about the FIFA 18 Dribbling in last article, today we will still talk about the FIFA 18 tip.The bottomHow to use the bottom, you only need to touch football, you know it's simple and crude, straightforward, the scrambled for the ball in the middle of  the form, is half and half, especially in professional football match real life and virtual games.If you're not familiar with football games, consider the bottom.If you are famili